Wednesday, October 20, 2010


hey people!
i updated sum of the stuff in this blog.
first, i changed my boring header to a new smashing headeR! ^^
I also made a new cover for the tracks u download.
im really sorry i aint postin any music yet.
im getting trouble with my filesharing sites.
imma keep u updated in the next few days.
i hope our net will be better in order to post more and more tracks each day.
thank you for understanding,

ADAM LAMBERT will be our featured artist for OCTOBER and NOVEMBER!
i love his attitude, swagger, and vocal ability.

tune in for the new chatbox and new featured song. =]]

Monday, October 18, 2010


is it me or i just have followers?
really? after 3 months, u guys r still there??
thank you so much guys. that really means a lot to me.
how'd i know?

so i posted the new Ke$ha song last few days ryt??
after maybe 2 days of posting it, its download count raised to 82!!
from 2 downloads the day i posted to 82 downloads?? this is friggin cool.
imma change the face of the site pretty soon, so watch out for it.
thnks for understanding. imma be back maybe tomorrow to put all the new things.
ciao! =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Sunday, October 17, 2010

We R Who We R*cover made by me

After 3 months of HIATUS, im back.
Im back with a great comeback!
Here's QUEEN$HA with her newest single "We R Who We R" off from her upcoming EP Cannibal. I friggin love it. Its hot, its catchy and the lyrics r awesome. Ke$ha's here and she ain't going nowhere yet. She's gonna make the whole world go "PARTEI, PARTEI!!"


[Pop 5/5]

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hey Ya'll

hey there followers of my blog!! (if i still have any)
im just here to let u know that this blog aint dead.
i was out for 2 months on a weight loss program.
i was playing badminton, dancing, making art and doing my schoolwork at the same time.
now that most of my school activities are done, i can now go back to BLOGGiNG!
YAY for me. Im gonna update with new music and new art soon!
thank you for understanding. XD

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Boy Who Cried Love

Karina Pasian is stayin true to herself with her music.
I can really say that shes not fully embracing the dance trends.
Nevertheless, she delivers well with this song.
The slow-to-midtempo ballad is a good one from Miss Karian.
Its like Jordin Sparks meets Cheryl Cole.


[Pop 4/5]

Not 2 Love U

One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder released a demo a while ago.
This song sounds like Te Amo, only a hundred pitches higher.


[Pop 3.5/5]

DJ Got Us Fallin In Love

The first single from Usher's follow-up to Raymond vs. Raymond, entitled "Versus" is the hot single DJ Got Us Fallin In Love.
Ive read in sum blogs that this song is a little cliche of the moment and how boring it is, but i think its the best Pop-Usher song ive heard.
Im glad this is the follow-up tp that pesky OMG song. I liked that at first but radio stations played it EXCESSIVELY! wth?? even if i change the station, its still the friggin' OMG!
Some may classify this as GENERIC of MANUFACTURED POP but the important thing is that this song rocks!! its like Dynamite by Taio but a little better.
A rockin' vid would be sure fire for this one.


[RnB/Pop 5/5]